About Us

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It is easy to reach our friendly staff by phone or email using the Retail Services Staff Directory. Find the person you are looking for and simply dial 519-888-4567 and the phone extension. To email us, click our names and we’ll respond within one business day.

Our Mission Is

To be the trusted source for services and products essential to the advancement of knowledge, student success and an enriched campus experience. We seek to engage the uWaterloo community with our personalized service, innovative and diversified offerings, and our support of the University's mission and goals.

Who We Are

Retail Services is an ancillary operation that must generate its own income and maintain its fiscal viability in a competitive marketplace. We effectively market products and services, forecast and develop sustainable business plans, and innovate in line with industry trends.

Retail Services is an academic support unit owned by the University of Waterloo.

Our Purpose

Retail Services provides a range of products and services in support of teaching, learning, research, administration, campus life, communication, personal computing, custom publishing, and entrepreneurship.

Products and services include:

Course materials, textbooks, textbook rentals, courseware and book production, copyright management, electronic content, information and communication technology products/services, laptop rentals, computer repairs, consumer electronics, fleet copier/print management, printing services, supplies, uWaterloo brand merchandise, convocation regalia sales/rental services and ecommerce service.

Sponsorship Requests

At Retail Services we want to help you make your event as successful as possible. Our stores offer services such as custom orders and printing that are convenient and professional. If you wish to request sponsorship from one of our five businesses: bookstore, waterloostore, writestuff, campustech, and media.doc, please fill in the Sponsorship Request Form and we will contact you. Please note that promotional material is only available to recognized campus groups, departments or faculty at the University of Waterloo. No off-campus or individual sponsorship is available.